IBM 1015 flashed to LSI9211-8i (IR|IT) megacli/sas2ircu

Post date: Feb 18, 2016 3:25:8 AM

So I'm setting up a zfs storage server and I wanted to use this controllers pass-thru option for my storage drive. But for my OS i really wanted a raid1 due to Debian not having a native ZFS installer and my over all laziness. But after setting up the OS I was stumped as to how from with in the OS I could monitor the controller and raid status. I'm so used just going the MegaCLI route that I was lost. Then after some trial and error I finally found the sas2ircu tools.

So again for the LSI9211-8i you need the sas2ircu and or sas2ircu-status

For Debian with Jessie see :

The install the tools 


apt-get install sas2ircu-status

apt-get install sas2ircu