ceph - monitor address already in use 500

I can across and issue on a friends proxmox/ceph server where after deleing the monitor. We where unable to recreate a new monitor using the GUI due to is erroring out with a message about the monitor address already in use error 500. 

To correct this, AFTER fully removing the monitor from all files, running services and being listed in the GUI, ceph -s or config files. you'll need to manually create the new monitor or monitors on each server. The "script" below will give you the needed commands. 




mkdir /var/lib/ceph/mon/ceph-${moitor_name}

mkdir temp

cd temp/

ceph auth get mon. -o keyfile

ceph mon getmap -o mapfile

ceph-mon -i ${moitor_name} --mkfs --monmap mapfile --keyring keyfile 

ceph-mon -i ${moitor_name} --public-addr ${monitor_ip}:6789